• Een dag tussen de wolven, sprookjes ontmaskerd
  • Een dag tussen de wolven, sprookjes ontmaskerd
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A day at the wolves, a fairytale demasqued

Tue, 07/30/2019 - 14:09

Just forty kilometers across the border at Nijmegen you find the German town of Sonsbeck, and there Jos de Bruin from Wolves Unlimited has wolf sanctuary. European wolves, an arctic wolf, a dingo at respectable age and two hybrids, they are waiting for the visitor who wants to know more about wolves. The visitor gets the opportunity to come very close to the wolves, because e sitting in one of the stays with the wolves will give you a completely different view on these mighty animals, which are so closely related to our dog and then again there are so far away from dogs also.


wolfWolves Unlimited is more than a hugging wolves, althought that is part of the attraction. Jos gives also a comprehensive seminar where you learn more about on this animal in the wild, living close to the Dutch border already, and occassionally crossing that border. And after one hour listening to Jos you know that's no reason to panic, unless you're a deer. For where our own dog might attack, the wolves are mostly just shy.

"And lazy, wolves are lazy' insists Jos. Wolves are not proud hunters who want to have the largest and most beautiful stag ,but -Roodkapje revisited- they prefer the old grandmothers (and grandfathers) in the herd. Animals that surpassed  their productive life, the life of procreation. So really these old animals only eat food that could benefit young animals. Unlike pleasure hunters, who just shoot the most beautiful and productive deer, to keep them as trophys on the wall

wolf en andre
Dogzine letterlijk tussen de wolven

Still, farmers have also little to worry. Of course, very occasionally a sheep will possibly be the victim, but pets are not high on the wish list of the wolf, deer, roe deer and small game is what they find tastier. Hunters do not have to fear the decline of the wildlife either, in areas of Germany where packs of wolves are  living roe deer are only increasing.

Whether wolves have come to the Oostvaardersplassen? Jos de Bruin "Biologists say that there is place for 400 wolves, as so many prey animals walk there. But a wolves family normally has a territory of 200 square kilometers, the Oostvaardersplassen are a tight forty."

Who is looking for a nice getaway at a reasonable driving distance, and at the same time wants to increase his knowledge of this wonderful family of our dog is welcome in Sonsbeck. And surely will come back with a new experience. And also a more keen and wiser look at your own dog.