About us

Dogzine.nl is an online edition of the eponymous company Dogzine.nl (in formation).

Dogzine.nl founded by three journalists / communicators (Marjoleine Roosendaal, Manon van Penderen and Andre Heuzer) with solid grounding in the dog world, and aims to bring honest information and news about everything related to dogs. The focus is partly on purebred dogs, but there is plenty of room for other pillars of the canine world. Health, behavior, as well as activities and sports.

Dogzine focuses mainly on the dog owner or -lover with a little more than average interest in dogs and everything around it. Information about breeding, about the status of science, and about ongoing developments. The online magazine is the carrier of information, images, text and sound and what else may be invented. Dogzine also serves all kinds of social media channels to reach our target audience.

Because the dog world does not stop at the border, the issue as many bilingual, one focused on the Dutch market, on the other hand, in English, for the rest of Europe. Dogzine is not limited to desk research, but reports, if possible, live  from all kinds of events in and outside the Netherlands.

Dogzine is a production of Dogzine.nl VOF, Chamber of Commerce nr. 68057628